Produced By: Amity University, Lucknow

In India, Agri-business needs a great boost to enhance national earnings through indigenous or foreign trade. More specifically, the dairy products can be considered as an important source of foreign earnings. Indigenously, manufactured products e.g. cheese and butter can easily supplant the imported dairy products and act as an export promoter of the same products. The most worrying part of the Indian economy is the steeply sliding down contribution of Agricultural sector to the GDP from 51% in 1951-52 to 32% in 2018-19. An ideal model of dairy farming is well palpable at Barabanki in U.P., Which is popular for its mechanized process of milking and unique methodologies to market the purest form of its products in the local areas. Positive augmentation in the rate of GDP can be achieved If such entrepreneurship is adopted in the larger dimension.

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