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Produced By: Amity University, Lucknow In India, Agri-business needs a great boost to enhance national earnings through indigenous or foreign trade. More specifically, the dairy products can be considered as an important source of foreign earnings. Indigenously, manufactured products e.g. cheese and butter can easily supplant the imported dairy products and act as an export […]

Gomati Chetna March

Produced By: Amity University, Lucknow As, the folklore goes, sage vashishtha had asked Lord Rama to take a holy dip in the river Gomati to wash off all the committed sins during Ravana’s killing, this widely accepted belief coming of ages, substantiates the purity of the river Gomati. It is evident that the world’s renowned […]


Produced by: Amity University, Lucknow The film “Ankahi” paints a sordid picture of a rape victim of a small town in Uttar Pradesh. The former had vocal impairment, hence, she couldn’t raise an alarm too. The said girl had migrated to a posh college for the quality education where she fell in love with a […]

Brij Kala Evam Sanskriti Asco Documentary

Produced by: Amity University, Lucknow This documentary is all about Braj Bhoomi and its historical, cultural and religious importance. Braj Bhoomi being sprawled over 84 miles, covering all the significant aspects of Indian mythology, embracing various phases of Raslila actualized by Lord Krishna. The land where lord Krishna was born and spent his youth , […]

Gadar – E- Lucknow

Produced By : Amity University, Lucknow Evidently, Lucknow has been acknowledged as one of the most prominent centers of the Gadar movement of the mutiny, broke out in 1857. Primarily, this documentary intended to augment the feelings of patriotism and nationalism among the youths and teens. In this documentary, a good number of in-depth statements […]


Produced By: Amity University, Lucknow This documentary entails the hazardous life style of urban proletariat of Lucknow. Regardless of myriad poverty eradication plans formulated at the level of central and state governments, this impoverished section is bound to survive without civic amenities. This documentary is produced by ASCO, Lucknow in collaboration with Vigyan Foundation.


Produced By: Amity University, Lucknow Manikarnika is a holy dock on the river Ganges at Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh; it’s a sacred city being significant from Hindu rituals’ standpoint of view. As per the Hindu mythology, the dock Manikarnika, bestows salvation to those deceased Hindus whose last rites are performed on the said site.This documentary […]

Umri, The Tale Of Twins

Produced By: Amity University, Lucknow Umri Mohammad Pur presents a rare confluence of genetic incidences of demography.  This rural settlement is also known as the village of twins, situated in the vicinity of Prayagraj in Uttar Pradesh. At this juncture, Uri has 36 pairs of identical twins out of its 700 population.  The WHO statistics […]

Sham Hue Hain

Produced By: Amity University, Lucknow Caring of old age people poses a big challenge to our society. The meaning and structure of family is changing rapidly. The mushrooming of nuclear family has started producing contradictory thoughts for the safe and secured survival of old aged people. The present documentary, “Shaam Hue Hai” helps finding the […]

Sevakunj Ashram

Produced By : Asco, Lucknow It is a tightly produced documentary of 13:35 minutes Duration, depicting the myriads dimensions of tribal lives in the tough terrain of Sonbhadra district of Uttar Pradesh. This documentary is immensely significant for the Anthropological studies.